Backpacks: The Convenient Carry-on

Backpacks: The Convenient Carry-on

Why do YOU need a Travel Backpack?

We'll break it down for you. When your travel plans mean you need to be ready for anything, then solid suitcases simply won't cut it and a travel pack is the only way to go. The key to convenience while traveling means you can pack well and travel more easily. They are designed for comfort and for different types of travelling and terrain, giving you an adaptable bag that can take you from city to hills with ease. All while having the option to carry-on, and make short breaks and airport travel a breeze.

Something else to be conscious of is that the pack you select is designed with HIGH QUALITY engineering.  Fortunately, RuK backpacks can uphold the day to day beating that only frequent travelers, gym goers and on-the-go professionals can give. Engineered for simplicity, RuK keeps it's features accessible, secure and easy to use. So you can be ready for anything.

RuK Also has a built in USB port, So when you're hanging out between flights, you can set your RuK Pack right by a window and keep it juiced up! When in direct sunlight, the solar panel will generate power fed to ONE of TWO available USB ports, that can power a variety of compatible devices.

Roller Bags?  Well, we know how difficult it can be to lug around, not to mentionn be fuctional enough to pull out your laptop to get work done during those long waits in the terminal.  

How to choose a Travel Backpack?

The first question to ask is what you want the backpack for. Is it for getting around town and the odd weekend away, flying off on city breaks or taking you into the great outdoors? Or are you planning a once in a lifetime long haul trip or global adventure? While comfort, size, space and ease of carrying are key to all these, thinking about why you want the pack will ensure you get the right bag for the job. RuK Pack is the ideal bag for all these scenarios! Not only does it have a 40L capacity to fit all you necessities, in addition it has a insulated meal compartment and beverage pocket to keep you fed and hydrated! 

TSA Approved

RuK Pack meets all of the TSA standards (even with solar panel) and fits easily in an overhead bin, or under the seat in front of you.

RuK Pack VS. Roller Bag

 What's better than effortlessly getting through your day and navigating through that crazy schedule of yours. With RuK, you can breeze through airports and all the transportation it takes to get to your desired location. You’ll never stand around a baggage carousel after a long-haul again and RuK Pack is carry-on size compliant, so you’ll never lose your luggage, ever. Depending on your trip and if you need an extra bag, RuK pack still has you covered with a luggage strap built in so you can easily toss it on your roller bag and still breeze through the airport. 

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