Gear up for the Exciting PPA Tour Event in Seattle with RuK Pack

Gear up for the Exciting PPA Tour Event in Seattle with RuK Pack

The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour is all set to make its debut near the birthplace of the sport in Seattle. As the proud sponsor of rising star Christian Alshon, RuK Pack is thrilled to be part of this exciting event. With Alshon competing in the men’s singles category, this tournament promises to be a thrilling showdown. So, gear up and get ready to witness some intense pickleball action!

The Quest for Glory: One of the highlights of the men’s singles category is the performance of our sponsored player, Christian Alshon. After his impressive run to the finals in Denver, all eyes are on Alshon as we eagerly anticipate whether he can build on his previous success. Will he be able to make his mark in Seattle and bring home the gold? Be sure to cheer him on as he takes on the tough competition!

Tune in and Check it Out: As pickleball enthusiasts, we understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding this event. That’s why RuK Pack is proud to announce that our commercials will be playing during the tournament. Make sure to keep an eye out for our ads and hear more about our innovative pickleball gear. Don’t miss the chance to discover how RuK Pack can enhance your pickleball experience.

Broadcast Highlights and Schedule: The PPA Tour event in Seattle will be broadcasted on YouTube, ESPN2, and CBS Sports. Here are the key highlights and schedule for the broadcast:

  • Thursday: YouTube (10 am - 4 pm), ESPN2 (4 pm - 6 pm)
  • Friday: YouTube (10 am - 12 pm), CBS Sports (12 pm - 3 pm), YouTube (3 pm - 6 pm)
  • Saturday: ESPN (9 am - 10 am), CBS National (10 am - 11 am), CBS Sports (11 am - 1 pm), YouTube (1 pm - 6 pm)
  • Sunday: ESPN (9 am - 11 am), YouTube (11 am - 3 pm)

The PPA Tour event in Seattle promises to be an unforgettable experience for pickleball fans. RuK Pack is excited to be a part of this tournament and to support our sponsored player, Christian Alshon, in his quest for glory. Make sure to tune in and catch all the action as the best players battle it out on the court. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for RuK Pack’s commercials during the broadcast. Get ready to elevate your pickleball game with RuK Pack!