Show Your Support on Memorial Day


Sending out a quick post on your social media is always the quick and easy way to show your support for our active duty and retired military.  This year, we want to encourage you to become active in your community, and give back to so many of those that have made sacrifices to preserve our freedom.


Below is a quick list of simple ways you can have tremendous impact:


  1. FLY A FLAG. A simple gesture that makes a big impact. Be sure you follow proper flag etiquette and guidelines. 


  1. ATTEND A PARADE. Most towns throw parades to honor those who have passed while serving. Check your local news to see if anything is going on in your area. 


  1. SUPPORT A VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS. There are directories available for you to view restaurants, shops, and other businesses that are veteran owned. Purchasing from a veteran owned business during Memorial Day (or any day) is a thoughtful gesture. 


  1. VOLUNTEER. Pick a veteran-focused organization and lend your time. Visiting hospitals, helping build houses, or looking over resumes are all examples that would be a big help.


  1. DONATE.  If you're unable to donate your time, choose a non-profit organization that supports and assists veterans. Even the smallest amount of money could make a huge difference. 


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    Thank you for your Service!