Oh, How Far We've Come...

Oh, How Far We've Come...

From concept to consumer, the RuK brand and product range has come such a long way in the last 2 years. In February of 2020, we officially launched our online store, making our Packs available to the public and we have never turned back. This week, we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary! 

Throughout our time as an online retailer in a very competitive market, RuK stood by its utilitarian concept to give the public a different and diverse option when it comes to backpacks. Introducing our Infinite Solar Pack to the world in 2020 enabled thousands of you to enjoy the benefits of USB charging anytime, anywhere.  As our following grew, so did our ideas. 


Soon thereafter, we released the Essential Sling Pack; a design inspired by those needing something compact and versatile. The Sling was an instant hit and served as a great complement to the Solar Pack.  Same quality, same versatility, half the size. 

By 2021, RuK had trudged through pandemic related delays, shortages, expenses and inconveniences to continue its evolution.  Staying true to our philanthropic core, we founded Project-Nova – a nonprofit focused on provided solar lights to impoverished villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Our “1 bag sold = 1 light for the Congo” mission has resulted in lighting for thousands in Africa that have never seen electricity work before.  Wow!  There was a lot to celebrate in 2021. 

As we celebrate 2 full years in business this week, we anticipate more “cheers” in our future with the launch our Limitless Duffle Pack (in stock and ready to ship in just a few more short weeks).  The Duffle Pack is the perfect travel companion; engineered to create efficiency for those that embody a Business-Fitness-Travel routine in their day lives.  Redeem the Pre-Order Discount Here >>>

How far we’ve come indeed… only 2 short years but a lot accomplished and still so much more to do.  We're so appreciative for all of you that have supported our business, purchased our products, and have helped make a difference in the lives of those in need.