How To Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals This Summer 

How To Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals This Summer 


Summer is usually associated with the outdoors. It's the perfect time to be in touch with nature as the climate and temperature are just about perfect.

Summer also marks the time when people hold fitness as one of their priorities. To prepare for any summer fitness goal, you should answer the following:

What are your fitness goals for this summer?

Aside from the usual bikini/summer body, do you have other fitness goals you want to achieve?

Do you want to run an entire 5k or sign up for a century?  

No matter what your goals are, now is the time to start planning, and here are some tips to help motivate you.



Pick an event

There are tons of activities to do to help you remain fit, but we don't suggest engaging in all of them. You can pick one or two activities and stick with them throughout the summer. Pick an event that inspires you and allows you to have fun! Goals are meant to be achievable and enjoyable at the same time. Remember that the journey of getting there is as important as the goal itself.


Eat Healthy

Set yourself up for success by feeding your body healthy snack options and meals that will fuel you for your exercises and keep you feeling trim and happy.


Better Hydration

We already have an idea of how important it is to drink water, but as you start ramping up your activity in the warmer weather, proper hydration will boost your performance AND how you feel. Not drinking enough fluids, whether it be water or otherwise, would often lead to injuries and other complications that prevent you from achieving your peak form.


Set a Plan

What do you want to achieve? You can just mindlessly engage in any event without having this in mind. Join an office or neighborhood training group to help you prepare for your big goal. Remember to start small and build on your new training program.


Make a Habit

If you're exercising for the first time in a long while, you know how hard it is to get started. But do you also notice that everything becomes second nature once you get past that stage? That's the power of habit. 

Just like old habits die hard, new habits are even more difficult to construct. Make your exercise a daily routine, and you will have a higher chance of sticking to it. 

Habits can be a good thing. If you like having to-do lists, try adding on your exercise as part of the list and check it off every day.


Prepare Your Gear

Like a soldier going to battle, you'll need "battle" gears on your journey towards achieving your fitness goals. One of our most reliable gears is the RUK Pack Limitless Duffle.

Boasting 40L of storage space, this duffle bag has all the space you need to pack up your equipment and so much more. It even has enough space for your meal preps while keeping them warm. Are you relying on your mobile device for instructions when working out? You might find the USB charging slot of the Limitless Duffle convenient for charging your phone or headphones. 

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