Ambassador Spotlight - EC3

Ambassador Spotlight - EC3


We recently caught up with friend and RuK ambassador, EC3 to see what he's been up to, how he incorporates RuK into his day-to-day life, and more:

Q: How did you come to RuK initially? What initially drew you to the RuK Brand? How does it align with your lifestyle?

A: I believe I was drawn in by a clever, well placed Instagram ad. Perhaps my phone overheard me talking about a need for a travel bag that works for an athlete, a businessperson, and a frequent traveler.
I travel a lot and carry a lot of stuff. From a change of clothes, to my abundance of necessities (supplements, snacks, devices, chargers) and my perfectly micromanaged meals, Ruk was the bag for me. The fact I was able to fill it and fit in underneath a plane seat made it must have.

When I say I don’t leave home without my Ruk, I mean it. Whether going to gym, the “office,” the airport, or a big show Ruk provides ample room for anything I need and catches the attention of everyone I see.

The fact it’s powered by the sun that’s just a huge bonus.

Q: As you said, RuK stands for maximize your day and being the most efficient you can be. What are some ways that you get the most out of your 24 hours?

A: By trying to be in bed early enough to rise with the sun. Balancing an always changing schedule that never goes as planned, it’s imperative to be ready for anything. Ruk keeps me there with my necessities. I wish I had my time management as organized as my Ruk. One key to me is to maximize my minutes and try to focus on one thing at a time. Leaving messages unread while focusing on tasks at hand keeps me at least somewhat in the realm of accomplishing what’s needed. Being able to take a few minutes for some isolated breathing, or imperative sun walk, allows a recharge before the next bit of organized chaos.

Q: Congratulations on your upcoming event, The Awakening Live! Can you tell us more about it and the #controlyournarrative movement?

A: CYN Awakening Live at Gilley’s in Dallas, TX 3-31 is a very important day for myself and the Control Your Narrative movement. It will be our first wrestling television tv taping for our new partners PWTV and will be our first step into the “mainstream” of our specific entertainment world.

Control Your Narrative started as simply a saying to me that meant “Tell Your Story.” Be personally accountable for your actions, focus on your development and your desires. Do not shy away from the work, the fears, and the criticisms and find out who you are, all through the back drop of professional wrestling.

For it to have developed into a series of independent features, to live events, to now a produced television product, it’s just a testament to a simple message of self actualization leading to what you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Intrigued? Good! Come see us at Gilley’s 3-31-22 in Dallas.


Q: If you could give our audience any advice about their career, what would you like to share?

A: Is it your career or is it your passion? If it’s not your passion, do your absolute best to create a safety net and pursue your passion. You have one chance at this life and I assume a day will come where you will look back on your life. Do not have regrets, only have pride in a life lived your way.

Q: What’s one destination you want to travel to this year?

A: Dallas Texas for CYN Awakening 3-31 at the Southside Music Hall at Gilley’s.

After that? I don’t know… maybe hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro with the Ruk gang.

Q: Favorite kind of cheat meal?

A: The one that leaves me bloated, miserable, sad, immobile and full.
something sweet, but a lot of it. A dangerous amount. Sushi or a Burger/Fries to start.