Airbnb vs. Hotel: Picking the best place to stay for your next trip

Airbnb vs. Hotel: Picking the best place to stay for your next trip
Travel is making a huge comeback this summer.
As begin to dream of your next vacation, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of decisions needed to make your trip a reality. We’ve helped by identifying the key factors to consider when choosing to stay at an Airbnb or Hotel for your next escape.

AirBNBs vs. Hotels 

Getting There

Depending on what kind of getaway you’re looking for, you’ll have to take into consideration how to get there and what kind of gear you’ll need to bring. While airports have certain luggage restrictions, the RuK Solar Pack is a TSA approved backpack, so you can get the most out of your carry-on. Flying also can save you time, especially for far destinations. However, driving gives you the mobility to explore beyond your final destination and the opportunity to take the scenic route. If long car rides are your thing, never worry about charging any of your devices with The Solar Pack. Our power banks and backpacks with built-in USB ports saves you from never needing to look for a charger again. You’ll thank us later.



From tiny home to treehouses to tents, Airbnb’s rentals offer an exclusivity that hotels can’t compete with. Only your immediate family or group will have access to the property and its facilities. Hotels, no doubt, are working diligently to offer the same protection. On top of that, regulations are in place to ensure their operations are based on strict health standards and protocols. However, it doesn't change the fact that except for a few exclusive (and rather expensive and thus impractical) accommodations, hotels, along with their common areas and amenities, are high-traffic places.



Often times Airbnb’s include their own kitchen giving you the opportunity to save money by cooking your own meals, if you’re into that, but that also means taking the time to grocery shop, cook, and clean once everyone is finished eating. When it comes to hotel food, being served with room service or the downstairs restaurant might sound luxurious, but with all the effort you took to get to your final destination, we know want to get the most out of your trip. Plan on taking a hike or exploring the area on foot? Take your Solar Pack and load up on any quick meals or drinks to keep you moving without stopping to look up the nearest restaurants or ruining the family trip from being “hangry.”


Now it's time to weigh out your options -- should you stay at an Airbnb or Hotel? Really, the choice is yours and ultimately depends on the kind of getaway you want to have. Regardless of your choice, RuK backpacks are the the complete travel accessory for every vacation no matter what you choose.