Travis Rettenmaier

  • Travis Rettenmaier was born in Tarzana, California.
  • In 2022, became the first owner/player in Major League Pickleball.
  • Played collegiate tennis at UCLA for two years, starting at age 16.
  • Played on the professional tennis tour for almost a decade, reaching a career-high world rank of 57 in doubles.
  • Enjoys basketball, golf, and ping pong.
  • Has a daughter, Rowyn.


Travis Rettenmaier is a former professional tennis player who spent 10 years
on the pro tour. Rettenmaier's highest singles ranking was World #57 in doubles
and #273 in singles.  Travis entered UCLA at the age of 16 and competed for two
years for the UCLA Bruins tennis before turning pro.

Rettenmaier is now a full-time professional pickleball player with an intense interest in the growth and business of pickleball. Rettenmaier became the first owner/player of a Major League Pickleball team and is a co-owner of the Florida Smash (  His professional pickleball ranking currently
sits at #10 in mixed doubles and top 20 for men’s singles and doubles.

Travis along with Graham D’Amico co-host of one of the top Pickleball Podcasts - “Tennis Sucks Podcast” found on The Dink

Click here to watch: The Dink - Tennis Sucks Podcast

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