Solar Power Specs & Usage

Usage: Best Results under bright sunshine, no cover

Optimal Working temperature: -20℃~60℃

Performance Longevity: Power will be ≥90% after 1year use on normal conditions, no human damage

Recommended Storage Conditions: Room temperature, humidity ≤60%

Solar Specifications:

  • Bare panel 3W(-5%,+10%)
  • Open voltage 7.8V(-5%,+10%)
  • Standard work voltage 6V(-5%,+10%)
  • Standard work Current 500mA(-5%,+10%)
  • Short circuit current 550mA(-5%,+10%)
  • Cell transfer efficiency 15%:

Note: Standard Testing Condition - AM=1.5,25℃ ,1000W/㎡,SMQ+12%

Solar Panel Measurements:

  • Solar panel length: 200mm±1mm
  • Solar panel width: 173mm±1mm
  • Solar panel thickness:5mm±0.3mm
  • ETFE:0.025mm
  • barrier film:16mm(IPX2)
  • POE:2mm
  • Solar cell: Miasole CIGS solar cell
  • Butyl gum:4mm
  • Black aluminum backsheet:37mm(inside is black, outside is white)

Lamination and Surface Coating:

  • Lamination: black aluminum backsheet +ETFE
  • Surface coating: ETFE


  • Do not clean with corrosive liquid
  • Avoid scratching and hitting the surface of the solar panel
  • Avoid heavy bending (over 30°)
  • Do not submerge solar panel in water