Jill Braverman

  • Nickname is "Jill the Thrill," known as a highly entertaining female pickleball player.
  • Frequently hits "tweeners" and is known as the #TweenerQueen.
  • Creates humorous and engaging digital pickleball content.
  • Highest rankings include #3 in singles and Top 20 in doubles.
  • Won the 2023 MLP Challenger Champion and Most Valuable Player Award.
  • Originates from Southern California.
  • Was a D1 scholarship tennis player at Pepperdine University.
  • Off the court hobbies include reading, writing, golfing, and skiing.


Meet Jillian Braverman, affectionately known as "Jill the Thrill," a dynamic presence in the world of pickleball. From being a CEO to becoming a remarkable pickleball player, her journey is nothing short of amazing. With impressive rankings as high as #3 in singles and top 20 in doubles, Jill has also won the 2023 Major League Pickleball Challenger Championship and the Most Valuable Player award. When she's not mastering the courts, Jill enjoys reading, writing, golfing, and skiing. She's a Southern California native and a former D1 tennis star at Pepperdine University. Beyond pickleball, Jill has also made a name for herself as an engaging content creator, popularizing the "tweener" shot in the sport. She carries the support of her sponsors Storm Energy DTrink, ProBand Sports, Ruk Solar Backpacks, GRUVN paddles, and PBGods.com. Prepare to be entertained and inspired by Jill's exhilarating performances and love for the game.

"This Pickleball Life" Podcast can be found on YouTube and Spotify.

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