Your Top 5 Questions, Answered

Your Top 5 Questions, Answered

If you are a RuK Pack owner or thinking about becoming one, chances are you have some questions about our products.  

All of our Packs have multiple features, which can certainly be overwhelming.  So we took our top 5 most commonly asked questions and have them answered for you right here. 

1) How long will it take to charge my phone with the Infinite Solar Pack?

The Infinite Solar Pack performs best in direct sunlight, which will impact the speed of your charge.  On average, you can expect most smart phones to increase 1% in charge every 2 minutes when using power direct from the solar panel.  

2) How many meals will the insulated food compartment fit?

3) Are RuK Pack's adaptable for USB-C Charging?

We offer a USB-C adaptor as an add on to all of our packs.  These adaptors are small and discreet and do not interrupt the functionality of the pack.  Need one?  email us at 

4) Is my RuK Pack Waterproof?

All RuK products are water-resistant in order to keep your gear safe in all weather conditions.  Given there are electronic components to all of our Packs, we cannot claim they are "waterproof" (submergible in water) nor do we recommend that you run your Pack through a cycle in a washing machine.  

5) Can I take my RuK Pack through TSA security?

Yes, yes and yes!  All RuK products were carefully designed to ensure that they can be taken through domestic airport security screening; even the Solar Pack.  Additionally, all RuK Packs are "carry-on" sized, which will ensure you don't have to check your bag when flying.  

Have More Questions?

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