The Ultimate Guide to Packing Lunch For Work

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Lunch For Work

Preparing lunch while working from home feels like a breeze. Building your favorite salad or sandwich in your kitchen takes little to no time and lets you get back to your to-do list. But as more of us return to the office or coworking spaces, the habit of hour-long lunch breaks or ordering food to-go takes a toll on your health and wallet.


While ordering out may seem the obvious solution to some, we cannot dismiss the fact that we eat more fat, sodium, and other preservatives when we eat out, so it's no wonder you feel slightly sluggish in the afternoon. Aside from that, each to-go box and container contributes to climate change. The average American creates a staggering 4.9 pounds of garbage daily. And according to the EPA, packaging accounts for nearly a quarter of the waste in US landfills, and wasted food costs businesses and consumers $165 billion annually.  


If we can't make lunch on the spot and take-out containers aren't sustainable, why don't we consider making packed lunches instead? Making your own lunch is cheaper, healthier, greener, and even tastier than eating out.

We came up with an ultimate guide to help you pack your lunch for work:


Use recipes and online resources to get inspired. 

The key to enjoying prepping your lunch is not to think about it as a chore. Instead, think of it as a new skill you can learn. There are thousands of resources available online that promise to help you make the best-packed lunch ever. Even YouTube creators can help you meal prep like a pro for a week's worth of meals.  

We tried following some of their tips and were amazed at how simple the recipes are, yet the taste turned out to be better than some of our favorite lunch spots! 


Plan Ahead

The secret to a successful pack lunch prep is planning your meals. Why? Because you have to be mindful of the things you buy. The idea is that you don't have to buy grocery items that you won't be using for your meal preps. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of minimizing your waste.


Get the best gadgets.

We want to emphasize two things: the container for your food and the bag you put them into is critical. You can use whatever you have available to store your food, but we recommend those made of Pyrex glass. There is also some beauty in using Pyrex containers as they are easy to clean, translucent, and durable.

As for the bag, RuK Pack's Limitless DuffleEssential Sling Pack, and Infinite Solar Pack are the perfect companions to keep your food warm or cold, depending on what you're packing. All these bags have dedicated insulated compartments that will keep your food warm or cold and keep them separate from your other important belongings.





There's nothing wrong with ordering food on the go, especially if it's tough to find the time to prep your lunch ahead of time. But if you want to try out the alternative, we hope this guide can help you get started. We promise that it's something you won't regret trying and might even enjoy doing in the long run.