The Right Balance Between a Demanding Career and Your Health

The Right Balance Between a Demanding Career and Your Health

The world moves at a faster pace than ever before.

Information and data are being sent back and forth in a matter of a few milliseconds. As such, humans are on the cusp of yet another stage of evolution where we need to adapt to the changing times.

Anyone who’s working will know that whoever has control of information will have a huge advantage over their competitors. In line with this, we work tirelessly round-the-clock to be ahead, to grasp the next big thing (before another gets ahold of it). Most often than not, we do succeed in each of our endeavors. But at what cost?

Due to the time we spend on work, we rarely take a step back and look at the “punishment” we put our bodies and health through. Sometimes, we don’t even take these things seriously until it’s too late.

We don’t want to put a grim tone to this blog, we’re here to share a few tips for those people who are always active in and out of the office. Today’s tip will focus on how you can maintain a balance between keeping a healthy diet while not sacrificing anything in your demanding career. All that is needed from you is to dedicate a few minutes from one of your days off and the rest of your week is already covered.

We’re talking about meal prep.

We know from experience that once we’re in the zone, we seldom want to lay down our tools and tasks to afford a few minutes to eat right. Sometimes, we just rely on the good old fast food options or anything that’s in the vicinity, with total disregard of whether what we’re eating is healthy or not.

Doing meal prep is an answer to this dilemma. Depending on your health goals, such as eating low carbs, maintaining a high protein diet, or being vegan, preparing and portioning your meals for days or even weeks at a time can help you save time, energy, and costs.

Think of it this way - when you prepare your meals ahead, you buy in bulk. That addresses the cost. If you spend a few hours on a given Sunday, let’s say, to cook the meals ahead, then you don’t have to think about what to eat for the rest of the week. Lastly, since you’re choosing the ingredients yourself, you can rest assured that it’s healthy, well thought out, and appropriate for your nutritional needs.

There are a lot of meal prep videos on YouTube right now ranging from preparing for a few days to weeks at a time, and as we viewed some of them, they’re quite promising and the meals are certainly tasty. To complete your meal prep, you can put them in one of the backpacks from RUK. The 40L RuK Pack can fit your meals to get you through the work day.   Check out our selection online and get 10% off using the discount code: MEALPREP