Lighting Up Lives in Congo

Lighting Up Lives in Congo

Last week marked a tremendous milestone for RuK Enterprises, LLC as they were able to distribute solar lights to thousands of people in various villages outside of Kinshasa, in the Republic of Congo (“DRC”).  Since its inception, RuK has based their mission on enabling innovation globally; delivering solar lighting to villages (that lack infrastructure for electricity) is a defining step in that direction. 

This philanthropic solar lighting initiative referred to as “Project-Nova” was initiated by 2-time NBA Champion Didier (“DJ”) Mbenga, and RuK Co-Founder Jon Clark.  Both men began their work with Project-Nova in 2018, and the 2 Dallas Texas residents are elated to see their vision come to life.  “The kids look at these lights like it’s magic!” mentioned Mbenga, when asked about the impact solar lighting is having on orphanages that The Mbenga Foundation founded over a decade ago.  Mbenga himself has donated the bulk of his NBA career earnings back to impoverished villages in the DRC; almost single handedly standing up buildings, water wells, and providing food and medicine for children. 

“Since partnering with the Mbenga Foundation, RuK’s purpose and passion has become perfectly aligned.” stated Jon Clark, RuK Co-Founder and CEO.  “DJ and the Mbenga Foundation have given us a direct line to people that desperately need help, with very little red-tape or corporate expense to interfere with our mission.” 

DJ Mbenga & Jon Clark

 When they began designing the RuK Solar Backpack in 2018, RuK leadership met with numerous suppliers to understand solar power capabilities and distribution channels.  Once solidifying the right manufacturers to produce solar lightbulbs, coinciding with the release of their RuK Solar Backpack, RuK launched their 1 Pack, 1 Light  initiative.  With every RuK Solar Backpack purchased, RuK Enterprises donates 1 solar light to a village in the DRC.  

“We owe tremendous gratitude to all of our RuK customers, THANK YOU!  Our growth reflects your support, and we are proud to share the benefit of our success with a cause much greater than us.” 

-Todd Newman, Co-Founder & CFO, RuK Enterprises, LLC.     


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