Progress for Project-Nova in The Congo

Progress for Project-Nova in The Congo
This week RuK took another step forward in our mission to provide solar lighting to underprivileged families, orphanages and schools in Africa. RuK Ambassador and Project-Nova Partner, DJ Mbenga visited Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this week to expand distribution channels and availability for RuK’s Solar lights. Mbenga also visited Giseni, to volunteer and support a volcano eruption refuge.   

“For you, what seems so little, means something so big for us…” remarked a villager while speaking with Mbenga. Her village has been struggling to manage the COVID-19 pandemic for over 12 months, all without basic infrastructure such as running water, plumbing or electricity. 

In the fall of 2021, RuK’s Project-Nova anticipates distributing over 2000 Solar powered light bulbs across villages in the DRC. “With lighting at night, children can read, and the threat of crimes such as theft and rape will be reduced.” Mbenga mentioned when discussing Project Nova’s purpose. “The more awareness we can bring to America, the more we can help these great people”, he added. 



Since launching our eCommerce store in 2020, RuK has donated 1 Solar lightbulb for every RuK Solar Pack that was sold.    Our goal is to continue to spread awareness and support for the cause and ultimately improve lives for those that so desperately need it in Africa. 

Want to Learn more about Project-Nova?  Email us at for more information.  Remember, when you purchase a Backpack from RuK you are having a direct impact on helping innovate in Africa.