Optimizing Your RuK Solar Power Feature

Optimizing Your RuK Solar Power Feature

Solar power has existed for decades, and engineers continue to innovate this technology to provide optimal performance for users around the world.  At RuK Enterprises, our goal has been to provide a way to help you Stay Connected in ways no other backpack can.  With our RuK Pack, there are numerous conveniences the solar feature has created for those of you that are “on the go”, and wanted to put together some tips on how to get the best out of your RuK Pack solar feature. 

  1. Remember: the Sun is Unpredictable

Other than knowing it will rise and fall daily, the sun’s light can be erratic.  Depending on the level of direct light you are getting to your RuK solar panel, your power levels could vary also.  Optimal working condition is direct sunshine with no cover or filter, and less than 60% humidity.  If you experience slower charge times, it’s typically due to UV filters created by clouds, trees, windows, etc.  With sunlight inconsistencies, expect performance inconsistencies. 

  1. Avoid Overheating

This occurs when excessively high temperatures (exceeding upper 90s) cause your panels to underperform. This is common and not necessarily an indication of faulty panels. If heat fade is the underlying issue, you may notice that you may receive less power during the hottest times of the day, or your charge going “in and out” on the device. 

  1. Quality Cables Only!

It is a good practice to make sure you only connect reliable, undamaged USB cables to your RuK pack when charging.  Worn or damaged cables (that operate fine in a typical electrical outlet) still may not operate properly in a solar USB device.   If you are experiencing “in and out” charging, try a different cable. 

  1. Device Compatibility

Some devices may require more power that the RuK Solar panel provides.  Check the Solar Specs section on our website to see if your device will be compatible.  Also note, the smart phone has evolved over the years  With that, we’ve seen some models handle a USB solar charge better than others.  This could also cause an “in and out” charge in certain sunlight, and perfect charge in other sunlight.  As a work around you could try charging your RuK battery pack, then connecting your device direct to the battery. 

  1. Battery Back-up

RuK’s Battery pack is the best way to provide reliability for charging.  You can keep it connected to your side pocket USB port, and stored safely while perpetually charging throughout the day.  Whenever your solar panel is exposed to solar light your battery will pick up more charge, even when not using the charging feature.  Additionally, you can connect the arm strap USB cable direct to the battery while it is still connected to the panel.

Have a specific question about RuK Solar power?  Feel free to email us at: info@rukpack.com .  We are happy to assist in any way we can.