Catch RuK on the PPA Tour Broadcast from Denver, July 13-16

Catch RuK on the PPA Tour Broadcast from Denver, July 13-16

The professional pickleball world is buzzing again! After a brief 30-day hiatus, the pros are back in action on the court. This time, they will be battling it out in Denver, Colorado. We’re thrilled to announce that RuK is sponsoring two video ads during the live PPA (Professional Pickleball Association) broadcast. Our goal? To spread the word about our groundbreaking product - the RuK Solar Pickleball Backpack!

Meet our Pro Pickleball Warriors

Two of RuK’s finest pro pickleball warriors will be stepping up their game and representing us during this competitive event.

  • Christian Alshon, a versatile player who excels in Men’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.
  • Jill Braverman, a fierce competitor noted for her skill in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Keep your eyes glued to the screen as they showcase exceptional talent and sportsmanship throughout their matches!

Get a Sneak Peek at our Video Ads

We’re excited to share that we’ve created two incredible commercials showcasing our innovative RuK Solar Pickleball Backpack! 

Watch out for these during the broadcast—you won’t want to miss them!

Tune into Every Moment of Action

To ensure you don’t miss any of this thrilling tournament, follow all the action from PPA’s official YouTube Channel:

Moreover, for an immersive experience, you can also tune into live broadcasts on YouTube, the Tennis Channel, and ESPN2 - ensuring you always have a place in front row action!

So gear up to enjoy four days filled with thrilling games and heart-stopping moments at this remarkable sporting event—and don’t forget to look out for our very own pros Christian Alshon and Jill Braverman doing what they do best!