Best Travel Apps That Are Actually Useful

Best Travel Apps That Are Actually Useful

Stress has always been known to surround travel, especially around the holidays. In our opinion, the best travel apps are the ones that take the anxiety out of traveling, allowing you to actually enjoy the journey. Luckily, there are quite a few options when it comes to travel apps that can help you on your next trip.

1. MyTSA - Before you head to the airport, make sure you've downloaded this app to your phone. The official app of the Transportation Security Administration allows you to check security checkpoint wait times at all major airports. It can really help you plan how much travel time you'll need. 

2. Expedia - If you're looking for a great all-in-one travel app, look no further. Expedia allows you to book your entire trip through their app. From flights, hotels, even down to your rental car, Expedia even searches for the best pricing bundle to save you the most money.

3. Flighty - We'd like to say that Flighty is the ultimate flight tracker. The free version of the app gives you basic flight-tracking tools, but you can pay up for a subscription ($8.99 a month or $49.99 per year), and you'll gain access to more in-depth features such as push notifications, syncing with TripIt or with calendars, and an assistant to help with your flight connections. Flighty also claims to be able to predict flight delays by monitoring inbound planes for 25 hours and monitoring FAA-mandated delays. You can check out the portions of the paid app for free during a 14-day trial.

4. Hopper - Hopper uses a giant database of airline prices and historical trends to predict when prices to a specific destination are most likely to be lowest. They also predict when prices will change, as well as the most ideal time to purchase a ticket for a specific date and destination. The app will even advise you whether to purchase your ticket then, or to wait, telling you the dates when it is cheapest to fly. Hopper also notifies you when prices rise or drop. 

5. Waze - Waze is a great app to navigate you through real-time traffic, based on reports and findings from other Waze users. This information includes accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, and any other hazards that would delay your travel time. This is a great app if you're traveling in an unfamiliar city.